Who We Are

We are a Passion driven Digital solutions agency!

our story

We started off as a team of 4 in 2014 with web design and development as our core. In no time we were working on online applications for some of the most admired brands like Microsoft and Cisco. Our initial success in web application development led us to build more integrated system software development that helped SMEs and start-ups achieve their growth. The biggest forte of our team till date has always been to learn new things, experiment along, fine-tune and ultimately be an expert.



We're a dedicated team of creatives, engineers, and producers, doing what we love, day in and day out. Look at our values, beliefs, and culture.


We are the early adopters! keeping ourselves on top of the changing trends help us add them to the best practices to build platforms with perpetuity.

Perpetual Growth:

Our team of digital enthusiasts, creative developers, content curators, studious UI/UX designers and meticulous strategists are all focused on one thing alone - Growth!

Pure Passion

Here at Smart web, we are driven by passion alone. This is what we love doing every day. Helping brands reposition themselves with digital innovation.


As much as we love helping brands with their products, we also try and establish our own. This entrepreneurial mindset gives us an edge to be a self-starter in realising project from scratch to production.

Detail Oriented:

Devil is in the detail and we apply it as a rule of thumb in the smallest of the tasks. Our team genuinely believes in code quality and trail details.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Because we love what we do, usually our work stations are our play stations but late nights, work-over-weekends and week-long development sprints call for some party time.

our smart approach

our work philosphy


corporate web development 100+


digital partners at conferences 5yrs


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digital soultuon for companies 180°

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of the gaming business

On-time delivery 94%

On-time Delivery

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