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Sustainable and bespoke web portal solutions allow for a greater reach in customer engagement, data manipulation and overall operational optimizations! Web portals introduce personalization for any business that wishes to improve its outreach to its customers while improving the efficiency of its sales.

As a bespoke software development company, we at Smart Web ensure optimal web portal solutions for both large and small businesses with a focus on optimization, scalability, and system accuracy. A portal of any sort is expected to be scalable with the ever-expanding capacity of the business itself. Our vertical and horizontal development approaches cover all aspects of an efficient portal design that boosts your operational efforts across all stakeholders and effectively communicates within different business processes, from sales to procurement, and from content management to the customer service - all in one! While we engineer a robust system, this is not the only thing we focus on when building a good system. Another very important aspect is a user-friendly interface for which we work out a responsive UI/UX design that makes web portals for business much easier and accessible.

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Customer Portals
Customer Portals:

With a centralised point of approach for your customers and team to manage orders & purchase products, handle carts/inventories, make payments in a snap, handle self-service and customer support, our custom web portal application development ensures a robust and scalable architecture. We can build an efficient customer web portal that can handle customer demands with improved accuracy, oriented around a responsive UI.

Vendor Portals
Vendor Portals:

Managing supply & demand, order tracking, vendor proposals, invoicing and maintaining CRM abilities are enhanced tenfold with a custom-built vendor web portal development. We can develop vendor portals with web and mobile support that allow businesses to improve visibility, automate operations and establish communications with other vendors and firms allowing for a meticulous flow of data within your business.

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B2B Portals:

Encapsulating the entirety of B2B requirements, we develop B2B portal solutions that can aid businesses in bidding, communications, invoicing, and general trade. As a bespoke software development company, our developers can tailor business-oriented vertical portals that integrate ERP, CRM and PIM models and analytics support complete with security, aggregation, and accessibility.

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Online Portals:

Custom online web portals for businesses or organisations can unlock new avenues of accessibility and one-touch operations designed to streamline your data and operations! We can incorporate responsive UI/UX design integrations, categorization, and security measures, answering to your specific business requirements, that will ensure a smooth one-stop solution - magnifying your organisational efforts by a significant amount.

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