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Enterprise systems or applications are complex and large-scale software programmes supporting business processes, office operations, information flow, data management, sales force and marketing reports. With the latest breakthrough in hand-held devices, it is now imperative for companies to shift their operations to mobile technology; bringing business mobility. Considering this, our work expands from desktop to mobile enterprise applications, thereby making the shift more flexible.

Not all business needs are common and therefore each company needs an interim system that supports its own set of processes. This is where we jump in with our experience and expertise in developing complex and data-oriented agency-wide applications for complete business control. Here at Smart web, we believe in working closely with the company so that we understand their business and build up an architecture that doesn't miss a single requirement. We can also provide on-going support and management of the application.

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Customising with
Agile Methodologies

agile methods for development


Project 's viability is envisioned and prioritised with initial requirements.

scrum tasks development


Agile method focuses on design and development with iterations from feedback.

agility delivers results


Testing the build for quality, documenting and reporting are put into production

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Agile is about iterating the process to make sure that the system is optimized and scalable.

Our Solutions will answer your business needs

ERP software developersERP Development and Implementation

We can build an ERP software for your unique operational needs, as much as we can help with any further extensions for the already standing system. Like your business, technology is growing as well and enterprise systems naturally seek management and module integrations. This is where we can help far and wide.

Custom API integrationsCustom API Integration

We can empower your software application with custom API integrations. When combining complex technology and agile process, can beat any redundancies and data overlapping. As API engineers, we are thrilled to provide secure and scalable solutions, catering to your business challenge, from the number of available third-party options.

startup technology partnersSaas Product

Working with start-ups, we can help build your MVP (minimum viable product) cost-effectively. As the software gains traction, we build it to the next level, keeping scalability in mind all the way. Deploying cloud-based solutions for your saas product to kick off, maintain and upscale, we will make it more adaptable for your consumers.

Odoo ERP developersOdoo Open ERP

Smart Web offers Odoo open ERP implementation service - an open source technologies. It is an all-inclusive, flexible and modular software that can answer a wide variety of challenges faced by business processes. From healthcare, manufacturing, travel and banking systems to HR management and more - Odoo implementation and customisation will re-engineer your system for better efficiency.

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