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With almost 69% of consumers buying online, eCommerce structure for brands is more important than ever before. Our understanding of marketing and technology as a whole makes us understand retail and products - one step closer. This gives our eCommerce designs, a touch of SMART along with a strong build and connected communities.

Wordpress offers a strong, flexible and SEO-friendly platform in a CMS savvy world. From our labs, we offer from a wide array of technologies to build all sorts of e-commerce store with custom CMS or solutions such as Woocommerce, Magento, Wordpress or Shopify. Our dedicated team of experts focus on custom ecommerce web development with a scalable approach for venture expansion and security design.

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What goes into an eCommerce cart!

Content Management
Content Management

Storytelling is a big part of internet strategy today. Every product has a story that needs telling. It not only creates a community growth for the brand but also pushes sales in the right direction. Our web developers at Smart web ensure that our content management strategy entails seamless page linking, product archiving, SEO lay down and optimised product display, in a flexible way to generate interest.

Payment and Shipment Options
Payment and Shipment Options

Our e-com cart ensures both security and seamlessness. keeping the checkout process as easy and minimal makes up for an effortless purchasing. Shipping options depend on the business module itself but from the tech perspective, shipment options are clearly integrated within the process.

Product Suggestions
Product Suggestions

Key to a successful ecommerce website design is to make product navigation as easy as possible. Searching for the products using predictive text fill, clearly suggestive categories and showing similar products can deeply enhance the shopping experience for your visitors. We use unique pattern recognition techniques to identify similar products and use cookies to display the best results.

Product Filtration
Product Filtration

Filtration is one of the key factors in determining online sales. When done right, visitors can filter products according to the price, brand, relevance or metrics, enabling them to make an informed and rather quick buying decision. We try and grasp the business model as a whole so that we can suggest and build favourable filtrations for increased sales.


One of the most important aspects of online selling is to build a scalable e-commerce platform. The build should grow with your business, the incoming traffic, the ever-expanding catalogue and increasing sales. Our comprehensive ecommerce website designers design the system that not only answers your business needs for today but will scale up and grow with your business.



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Woocommerce makes building and managing of an online store straightforward. Woocommerce developers at Smart web harness the platform’s features of inventory management, secure payment structure and shipping integration to create a seamless user experience for its clients.

responsive app designs


Responsive and flexible, Magento is another powerful choice for complex business needs. Using Magento 2 for ecommerce website development, our clients get tons of functionality with a comprehensive CMS, security and a user-experience focused ecommerce design.

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Shopify is popular for all the right reasons! The platform allows easy set up and management of an online store. Smart Web Agency can help you build your shopify store from scratch or render that much needed support for a better revenue.

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