About FY8

FY8Love supports small and local businesses with their post lockdown campaign. The team is dedicated to encourage the community to buy from their local small businesses and uses its website to showcase businesses of all sorts and sizes.

The Opportunity

FY8 Love looked to create a personalised small business repository that could keep businesses afloat in times of pandemic and to help them re-build themselves after lock down.

The Solution

A business directory for FY8 postcode - Setting up the online campaign from the ground up, to help local FY8 businesses get back on their feet. Our contributions to the campaign extended in the domain of UI/UX Design, Front-end development, portal development and deployment.

Software Stack:

Customised Plugin - Cariera

Core Features of the Platform:

Multi-tier user management
Business profiles Management
User profiles management
Customised Registration process
Postcode Validation
Fully Customised on-boarding

Wish lists
On-site optimisation
Responsive design

Mobile First Approach

Like all our other latest designs and web work, we applied a mobile-first approach to fy8Love as well. This is imperative as more than 75% of the traffic interacts with websites on mobile today.

The Result

We came out with an attractive and user-friendly website with a mobile-first approach that gave FY8 businesses and residents a unique opportunity to extend their reach and sales in a post lock down age - something that was previously unavailable to them. The platform will serve as a foundation for the rapidly growing business directory in FY8.