ABOUT University of Kent

The University of Kent sought to enhance its Risk Management module by integrating an innovative, digital engagement tool. This new addition aimed to facilitate engaging, interactive learning experiences for students. SMART Web Agency, known for its expertise in creating bespoke digital solutions, was chosen to develop this project.

The Opportunity

In response to a specific demand, our team undertook the task of developing a sophisticated web application tailored for conducting quizzes within the realm of project management module. This endeavour was set against a stringent timeline of 7 days.


The primary goals for the online quiz system were as follows:

Rapid Development and Delivery: The project timeline was tight, with a delivery target of just 7 days from initiation to launch.
Minimalistic User Interface (UI): To ensure ease of use and maintain student focus on the quiz content, a clean and straightforward UI was essential.
Responsive Design: The system needed to be accessible across various devices and screen sizes, providing a seamless experience for all users.
Efficient EngagementQuiz System: It was critical that the quiz system operated smoothly, with a straightforward process for question navigation and submission.
Top-Notch Security: To protect student data and ensure the integrity of quiz results, robust security measures were imperative.


SMART Web Agency adopted an agile development methodology, allowing for rapid design iterations based on ongoing feedback from the University of Kent. Key steps in the project included:

Initial Consultation: Gathering detailed requirements and understanding the University's requirement for the engagement tool.
UI/UX Design: Creating a minimalistic design that emphasized usability and aesthetic appeal.
Responsive Web Development: Ensuring the quiz platform performed flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
Security Implementation: Incorporating advanced security protocols to safeguard user data and quiz integrity.
Testing and Refinement: Conducting comprehensive testing to ensure functionality, user experience, and security were all up to the highest standards.


The project was a resounding success, with SMART Web Agency delivering the fully functional online engagement system within the ambitious 7-day timeframe. Key achievements included:

On-Time Delivery: The project was completed and fully operational as scheduled, allowing the University of Kent to seamlessly integrate the quiz into their Risk Management module.
Exceptional User Experience: Students and faculty praised the minimalistic design and ease of use, noting the system's effectiveness in enhancing the learning experience.
High Engagement Levels: The responsive design ensured high engagement levels, with students able to access the toolquiz on various devices without any issues.
Robust Security: The implementation of top-notch security measures provided peace of mind for both the students and the faculty, securing sensitive data and maintaining the credibility of quiz outcomes.
Positive Feedback: The University of Kent reported extremely positive feedback from both students and staff, with the new digitalonline engagement toolquiz system significantly enhancing the educational value of the Risk Management module.

The Result

The responsive web app was presented in less than a week with an online quiz and minimalistic web design.

Minimalistic UI design
Responsive and user friendly
Efficient students engagement tool
Smart web hosting
Top notch security

The University of Kent


The collaboration between the University of Kent and SMART Web Agency exemplifies how innovative digital solutions can transform educational experiences. Through a focus on user-centered design, responsiveness, and security, SMART Web Agency delivered a cutting-edge digital system that not only met but exceeded client expectations. This project underscores the importance of agile development and client collaboration in achieving outstanding results within tight deadlines.